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Equipment Turn In

Saturday October 14th is the last week of the 2023 South Platte Youth Football season. Equipment turn in will be held at Ertle Brothers Storage Sheds at the corner of the Sterling High School football field and Broadway Street immediately following your game. The shed number is A8. Bring extra clothes to change into if needed. Also make sure all tape and helmet decals are removed prior to check in.

If you cannot come after the game, please turn your equipment into your coach so he can return it or if you miss both opportunities, you can call Jim Edwards at 970-520-1211 and schedule a time to return it. We need to have the equipment returned as soon as possible for cleaning and reconditioning for next year. Please don’t hold us up.

Thank you for participating this year and we hope you had a good season. Please keep checking our web site for information concerning the 2024 season. Work hard in school and we hope to see you again next year!

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