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The South Platte Youth Football League (SPYFL) was formed by a small group of parents that felt there was a need for such an organization in our community. We believed that a youth tackle football program is necessary for kids to properly learn the basic fundamentals of football. Now after much work and effort, the South Platte Youth Football League was organized, which brings a youth tackle football program to Sterling and the surrounding areas. 

Communities involved in our program include: Sterling, Merino, Brush, Ft. Morgan, Peetz, Akron, Fleming, Haxtun, Holyoke, Julesburg, Ovid, Otis, Wiggins, Yuma, Iliff, and Crook. There are also teams from Sidney, Chappel, Grant and Oshkosh Nebraska that participate. We are proud of our program and wish to thank all the sponsors, coaches, volunteers, and participants who make it all possible. Thank you for your time and efforts and good luck in all your athletic endeavors!


Success is not necessarily measured of games won or lost, but by success in learning quality attributes and values. The purpose of the South Platte Valley Youth Football League is to allow all youth the opportunity to participate in a wholesome, educational experience; learning basic football fundamentals while stressing teamwork, sportsmanship, self discipline, and respect for others. We describe this program as a supervised activity with emphasis on learning skills, character, sportsmanship, and social attributes. Every attempt is made to treat each individual player, coach, parent, and administrator with respect and dignity.

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