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  1. To teach each participant the basic fundamentals and skills of football.

  2. To help each participant develop their football abilities to their fullest potential

  3. To develop within each participant the high ideals of sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, self control, courage, discipline, and respect for authority.

  4. To develop and promote the importance of team effort and unity during games and practices.

  5. To develop within each participant the ideal that winning is not everything and that a true athlete feels no shame in losing when he has given it his best effort and never given up.

  6. To develop a healthy desire, in each individual, to participate in all types of athletic endeavors.


The goals of the program are: 

  1. Learn the basic fundamentals and skills of football.

  2. Encourage sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, and teamwork

  3. HAVE FUN!

In order to emphasize these goals, we ask that you, the parents, be positive role models during practices and games. The games are for the kids with spectators on the sidelines acting only in a supportive role. Be a good role model!


  1. Teach the skills needed to compete in the game of football.

  2. Provide a proper learning environment at practice and at the games.

  3. Promote sportsmanship at all times!

  4. Play all your players equally. Giving these young athletes a chance to play and compete is a lot more important at this age than winning. The positive experience you provide your player will be remembered long after the win-loss record is forgotten!

  5. You are a SPYFL coach first and a team coach second. Coach and help all the players, even those on the opposing team.

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