Format Change for 3rd & 4th Grade Division (First Two Weeks)

Below is the format change we would like to try for the first two weeks of the season for the 3rd and 4th grade divisions.  After that we will return to the normal game routine.  This will allow everyone to get a taste of what we are proposing and see what you think.  Remember, the idea is to get more play repetition for these younger players and spend more time on the primary skills such as blocking, tackling and working as a team.  We will be asking for your opinion and want you to be honest.  Thank you for your patience and input.

There will be no kickoffs or punts the first two weeks of the season.  The format will be as follows:

Kickoffs:  A coin flip at the beginning of the game will determine who gets the ball first.  The ball will be placed at the 20 yard line.  This will also occur at the beginning of the second half and after any touchdown scored during the game.

Punts:  If a team chooses to punt outside the 40 yard line, the refs will walk off 25 yards, and set the ball and the change of possession will occur.  If a team chooses to go for it on 4th down, normal rules will apply.  If first down is not gained, a turn over on downs occurs.

Time In Huddle:  We will be implementing a 40 second play clock for all divisions.  At the end of each play the field supervisor will start a clock and the offensive team will have 40 seconds to huddle, call play, and get back to the line.  We will be more lenient with this the first two weeks of the season but will start cracking down as the season progresses.  If enforced, a 5 yard penalty or use of time outs will occur.


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